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Located just south of St. Augustine on scenic A1A, the Town of Marineland has delighted visitors and locals alike for generations.

The town’s history dates back to the opening of Marine Studios, now Marineland Dolphin Adventure, in 1938 as the world’s first oceanarium and a unique destination for Hollywood filmmakers to capture underwater footage. The growth of the park as a popular place for visitors to experience marine life up close led to the incorporation of the Town of Marineland in 1940.

Today, this small yet inspiring community is still home to Marineland Dolphin Adventure, as well as a variety of local businesses and nonprofit organizations. With a population of less than 20 residents, the organizations located here make a contribution to conservation, research, and tourism that far outpaces the town’s modest size.

Discover this scenic slice of unspoiled Florida, learn more about the fun and innovation to be found here, and plan an unforgettable visit.


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